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Teaching / Training



Kjersti teaching Graham technique in Barcelona in 1972 • Photo: Name Nameson

Kjersti's teaching experience is broad and varied. She had worked as a dance pedagogue for both professional dancers and students at the higher education for dance. Further she has taught children in public schools and run weekly classes for older dancers and people interested in dance as a training form.


Special needs educator

Kjersti started working visually impaired people in 1987 when a blind student attended one of her dance classes. She decided to concentrate her efforts on blind children to prevent the stiffness, tension, and pain, which she had observed among blind adults she had been teaching. She has an MA from 1999 based on a one year dance course for blind children. Her intention being to create a dance method for blind children as part of the Special Needs Education in schools.

Kjersti has traveled and taught dance to visually impaired people in several European countries and shared her experience with and trained colleagues in the respecitve countries.

Tandem Dance was a project ran by Tandem Association that aimed to introduce visually impaired persons to dance and corporal awareness. It paired visually impaired adults and children with proffessional dancers under the coordination of Valentina de Piante. The method used was developed by Kjersti Kramm Engebrigtsen. The project was financed from a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and the Romanian Government.

Kjersti teaching children at Mjøndalen skole in 2002.

Kjersti teaching a workshop for visually impaired at CODA Oslo International Dance Festival in 2007.

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